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SR22 Insurance

An SR22 bond, SR22 Insurance, or SR22 form.

No matter what you call it, we're here to help. If your license was suspended due to multiple infractions, your first step will be to find an insurance company that will issue you an SR22 certificate (because not all of them will). When applying for an SR22, your premiums can be affected anywhere from 14-40%. That's where we come in. Our GreatFlorida agents will give you a hand through this tricky situation and find you the most affordable rates in the state for your specific case.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

What Does SR22 Insurance Protect?

SR22 isn't technically insurance – it's a certificate of responsibility. This certificate of Financial Responsibility is vital for those who have been deemed risky drivers. In fact, if they don't carry it, they will be reported to the state and lose their right to drive. These high-risk drivers are required to carry SR22 to prove they have the minimum requirement of Florida insurance. It's how the state ensures you're insured.

Do I Need an SR22 Certificate?

You may be required to obtain an SR22 certificate if you have experienced one of the following:

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Insufficient Documents

You were caught driving without insurance or without a license, or were at fault in an accident without holding the minimum insurance requirements.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Excessive Offenses

You are a habitual traffic offender (HTO) or have a history of excessive tickets.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


You received a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) offense.

What is the Florida
Minimum SR22

SR22 in Florida requires that high risk drivers carry $10,000 of bodily injury coverage for one person, $20,000 for injury to two or more, and $10,000 for property damage.

There are 3 Types of SR22: Find the Right One for You.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Non-Owner's Certificate

For those who drive vehicles that are not registered in their own name. Perfect for drivers who only drive occasionally or exclusively drive rental cars.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Owner's Certificate

For those who will be exclusively driving a vehicle registered in their own name.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Owner-Operator Certificate

For those who drive vehicles that are both owned by them and vehicles owned by others. This is the most popular type of SR22.

How Long Must I Carry an SR22 Policy in Addition to My Auto Insurance?

In Florida, a driver will have to maintain SR22 on their policy for three consecutive years.

However, this amount of time may fluctuate depending on the offense. Make sure to confirm this with your local DMV or GreatFlorida Agent.




How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost?

Florida SR22 Certificates require one-time filing fees. In most cases, the cost of the SR22 must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The average filing fee is $15, but the real cost is in the increase to your premiums. Let's look at the factors that affect your premiums.

Another factor is the insurance agent you choose. Talk to an agent to make sure you get the best premium possible!
GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


Your premiums will depend on the severity of the offenses listed in your driving record. More severe offenses will result in higher premiums.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


The amount that you drive your vehicle or someone else's vehicle daily will be reflected in your premiums.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


Personal factors such as age, sex, and marital status will affect your premiums.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


The age and model of the vehicle will affect your premium.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance


Higher schooling, lower rates.

Florida SR22 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining an SR22 certificate in Florida can be a bit tricky. It is our mission at GreatFlorida to answer any question you might have. Get in touch with an agent today.

How Can I Lower the SR22 Insurance Costs?

For starters, you can insure a used vehicle that does not require physical damage coverage. Also, keeping your coverage at the legal minimum will reduce the cost of your monthly premiums. Additionally, many high-risk drivers opt to sell their vehicles after receiving a DUI or similar offense and downgrade to a more affordable car that insures for less money. Finally, purchasing a non-owner SR22 policy like the one listed above will be your most economical option, if you can get your hands on a car that is not in your name.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

How Can I Get SR22 Insurance?

If you are going through an insurance agent, call your agent and tell him/her you need to obtain an SR22 and they will find you an insurance company that will do the rest (register the adjusted insurance at a DMV and reinstate your license). Alternatively, you can approach insurance companies directly or apply online, although the process might take longer.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Why Buy SR22 Insurance from a Local Agent?

Going directly to insurance companies asking for an SR22 policy can be tricky and expensive, seeing as many insurance companies aren't even willing to take on the risk. At GreatFlorida, our agents understand all of the legal implications and know exactly the insurance company for your specific needs. GreatFlorida agents are also available 24/7 to respond to any questions you might have.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

How Do I Get in Contact with a GreatFlorida Agent?

Simply call 888-478-7801 or complete our online quote request form. A GreatFlorida auto insurance agent will reach out to you shortly to help you find the best deal.

GreatFlorida SR-22 Insurance

Need Help Reinstating Your License with SR22?

When you need a great helping hand, get GreatFlorida.

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